PEW Jaw Crusher

PEW series Jaw crusher features big crushing ratio, reliable operation, easy maintenance and low operating cost. It is the new generation product designed and produced by WGDwanggoudan, basing on our 30 year’s crusher production experience and the latest design conception. It does be one high efficiency and low cost crushing machine.

  • V-shaped structure crushing cavity is able to meet a big feeding.
  • Movable jaw assembly adopts a high-quality steel casting and heavy eccentric shaft has also adopted forging billet for processing.
  • Use of finite element analysis technology helps to reach both light weight and high reliability.
  • Equipped with wedge adjustment devices, enable to realize automatic control and stepless adjustment.

Jaw crusher is widely used in various materials processing of mining &construction industries, such as it is suit for crushing granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, cobble, iron ore, copper ore, and some other mineral &rocks.

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